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Week in Pictures


Week in Pictures

Week in Pictures

A selection of striking news photographs from around the world this week.

The new coronavirus is not an excuse to be racist

The coronavirus — which originated in Wuhan, China, in late 2019 — has since infected more than 19,000 people, mostly in mainland China. As officials work to contain the disease, which the World Health Organization recently labeled a global public health emer…

LG Pulls Out of Mobile World Congress, Citing Coronavirus Concerns

Mobile World Congress, the biggest phone and wireless industry trade show of the year, is just weeks away, but the coronavirus outbreak is causing at least two companies to put their announcements on hold. Read more…

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News Brief: January updates from the Google News Initiative

It’s only been one month of the new decade so far, but it feels more like one year. 2020 has been jam-packed. We hope you’re off to a fresh start – keep reading for a few highlights from January. Supporting Latino journalists across North and South America In…

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